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Our slogan is "Trusted, Operational, Open source". We use open source tools to create secure and completely native solutions in the Software Engineering field.

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We are ToobaTech

ToobaTech Company officially started its activity in 2016. We strive to understand the industry's challenges and use creative yet simple solutions to solve them.

Our mission is to bring good quality software to our customers and use high-tech tools to design and develop them. Our presence of more than 5 years in the industry and our services to a portfolio of great clients set us apart.

Design and Develop Intelligent Systems

Data Analysis & Big Data

Intelligent Image Processing

Internet of Things

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Our Clients

Our Projects


This project provides all the infrastructures needed for the users to share their APIs.
Organizations and individual developers can easily use other users' APIs in order to develop quality programs.


ToobaMode is an intelligent search engine for clothes where you can find any piece of clothing with any design, size, color, and brand that you desire.
Any age group or gender you have there is an item for you there ...


ToobaGold is an intelligent search engine for jewelry and gold where you can find any kind of jewelry in different shapes, colors, and prices.
Here you can find everything from Rings, Necklaces & Bracelets to Gold Bullion.


Handicrafts of each country are representers of its culture and art and they are the great heritage of Iran, and its diversity is very significant.
ToobaCraft is an intelligent search engine where you can find handicrafts from all over the country.


Nowadays, there are different home appliance brands from all over the world, and choosing between them can be pretty rough.
With ToobaHome you can find home appliances from any brand and in any color you want, in the best price.


Here at ToobaTech, we can combine all the services we provide and give out a project the way you want it.
Just tell us what you want and we will provide you as simple yet creative and efficient system as a solution for your needs.

Awards & Certificates

Letter of Commendation

Appreciation letter of the second exhibition of housing, urban development and urban regeneration.

Knowledge-Intensive Approval

Approval of the group of companies and knowledge-based institutions for year 1399

Activity Permission

Tehran computer trade union organization activity license

Knowledge-Intensive Approval

Approval of the group of companies and knowledge-based institutions for year 1396

Letter of Commendation

Appreciation letter of the 2nd Smart City Exhibition of Iran

Algorithmic Competition

Winning the third place in the "Problem Solving Challenge" in the Algorithmic Competition of the Iranian Capital Market

The Best Knowledge Intensive Company

The selected "Knowledge Intensive Company" of the year 2017 in the 19th research and technology week

Our Team

Dr. Reza Azmi


Dr. Boshra Pishgoo


Sohrab Shokri

Networking Specialist

Hamid Deldar


Zahra Deldar

Full-Stack Developer

Saemeh Safari

DevOps Developer

Somayeh Bayat

Data Scientist

Mohammad Nedaeifard

Front-end Developer

Sara Montajab

Full-Stack Developer

Reyhane Rezaee


Reza Hozhabri

Networking Specialist

Fatemeh Moradian

Data Scientist

Fatemeh Rooholamini

Data Scientist

Hosna Darvishi

Data Scientist

Lachin Zamani

Data Scientist

Mobina Khademhossein

Data Scientist

Kosar Keshavarz

Data Scientist

Mina Hooshangi

Mobile Developer

Zahra Sadat Alhosseini

DevOps Developer

Amir Navidi

Front-end Developer

Maryam Khodadadi

Content Producer

Technologies We Use

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